If you know if a group or baby friendly place that’s not on here please contact me below with all the details so I can add it to the timetable. Equally, if you know of one that’s not running anymore please let me know using the form below so that I can take it off immediately to prevent someone turning up to find no-one there!

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  2. Nicole

    Hi there, I have a 13 month old boy and I haven’t taken him to any toddler groups. Which I realise he should go to one now. What groups would be suitable I’m restricted to Mondays, Tuesdays and a Thursday due to work. Only so much I can keep entertaining him.


    1. Kazz - Toddle Along in Stroud Post author

      Hi Nicole,

      It depends on where you are and how far you want to travel?
      And also it depends on what you feel like doing, and what your little one might like…

      I would say you get a few different types of group, most you can just drop in, some where you have to book (classes usually): There are ‘Family Time’ groups at children’s centres where they can play but it’s also about you finding support from a health visitor, etc, if you have a concern (these are drop in sessions). There are groups that are ‘normal toddler groups’ that have what is called ‘free play’ which is just all the toys laid out and they all run around playing (which they love for a while!), and then there are classes where someone provides the entertainment for you! You most often have to book ahead for these, some you book for a half term or a term. But get in touch with them to ask.
      I find a mixture of all of it is good for Toby, and for my sanity! There’s only so much free play that I can take because it gets noisy and hectic after a while 🙂

      So for toddler groups on a Monday there’s Toastie Toddlers, Jellytots, Sheepscombe group, Painswick Valley, Coffee and Kids, Stinchcombe Baby Cafe. They all have toys laid out and most of them have an organised activity halfway through, and then snacks usually. Stinchcombe is a bit calmer because it only goes up to 18 months, and they have cheap food and drinks. It’s very friendly.

      Croc n Roll is great for toddlers because it’s very entertaining for them and Steph leads it (so you don’t have to think at all, it’s great) It wears Toby out and he loves all the music and the crocodile that she brings out 🙂 It’s better to book ahead with this class, so just send Steph a text.

      So for Tuesday you’ve got Nailsworth Baby and Toddler Group, Amberley Playgroup and Toddlers, Come and Play (v. friendly, and free), Eastcombe Toddler Group, Tiddlywinks baby and pre-school cafe (this is a big group with lots of toys, and it’s also free).

      For organised classes try out Tiny Talk baby signing classes (Toby loved it, and your little one is a great age for it), Music Monsters, FunkyMunky Music, Teddy Tunes, and Story Time. These are all great for them to learn something new, and to have something structured to go to.
      Buggy Bootcamp is great if you fancy doing an exercise class where you can take your little one too.

      For Thursday toddler groups you’ve got 123 Toddler Group, Whiteshill, Amberley Playgroup and Toddlers, Mothers Together support group, Stroud Rugby Club Rascals Toddler Group, Time 4 Tots, Rodborough Toddler Group.

      For organised classes you’ve got the Playcircle Music and Story Session (really friendly), Music Monsters, Croc n Roll, FunkyMunky Music, Teddy Tunes, TinyTalk signing classes.

      Best thing to do is just pick one that sounds nice and go. Toby and I do the rounds, we rarely go to one regularly because he likes lots of variety. There are some that don’t suit us, and some that do. Just don’t get down hearted if you try a couple and don’t like them, keep trying new ones.

      I hope that helps, do ask if you have anymore questions!



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